“I had such a pleasant experience with Preah I absolutely recommend her 100 !!!!! Preah takes the time to walk you through the process, engaging you in every step of the way so you will never wonder “hmm.. I wonder what’s going on my face now.” As it was my first time getting microbladed I was all nerves, but Preah was an absolute champ, allaying my fears completely. She would consistently enquire about my well-being, if I was feeling any pain or if I needed the blanket to cover myself. Getting my eyebrows microbladed with Preah is an all-round seamless and dream-like process. if you’re thinking to get your brows done but worry about the discomfort, don’t be. Preah’s flawless and painless technique will be so comfortable that you might even drift off to sleep during the process. Preah’s office is clean and sterile, and really easy to get to from Brisbane’s city centre. It reassured me to see how Preah only used single-use disposable tools to microblade my brows on. So much love for Preah and my newly microbladed brows best decision ever!” 

– Yasmin Chua. 

“From the moment I first contacted Preah months ago she was so lovely! she made me feel extremely at ease and confortable. The day of my appointment She welcomed me into her studio and explained the entire process in detail . I was not nervous about the pain as I have several tattoos, however I was a bit nervous about the final look, I wanted my brows to look fluffy and natural not like a clump of ink, and boy she delivered, as I said to her the next day “you are one talented fluffy feather brow Unicorn” and I’m sticking to it! So If you are after Natural and fluffy @preahlovecosmetictattoo is your girl, you would look like you, just extra fluffy , naturally beautiful. Preah is an extremely professional, calm, funny & warm person even if you are nervous she would make you feel at ease not only because who she is but because all her knowledge. I could not recommend her enough. The result was fluffier than I ever imagined. She listened and delivered Everything I wanted: shape, size and colour (is still settling but looks so good) I am truly obsessed with my new brows and cannot wait to go back for my touch up. Thank you Preah” 

– Alejandra Jimenez. 

“I had my long awaited appt with Preah yesterday. I’m so in love with my new brows! Preah’s art is like no other I have seen. I fell in love with her work through her instagram and booked with her as soon as I could. She is one of the loveliest people you will meet and made the appointment and tattooing so comfortable and enjoyable. I loved that she was a perfectionist and took my brows seriously as if they were her own. I will 1000% recommend her to everyone I know… AND has the cutest dog ever. So so happy, thanks again lovely!’ 

– Bridget Sinclair. 

“Preah’s work is amazing, but she also happens to be one of the most warm and engaging people you will ever meet. She takes the time to make sure you are comfortable, and are both on the same page with the desired outcome. What I loved most about Preah however, is her total professionalism. She is an absolute perfectionist, and she does whatever it takes to get the best result. As an older woman, I have encountered a fair bit of ageism in the beauty industry, but Preah was genuine, sweet, funny and delightful.” 

– Merryl Miller. 

“We all know that our eyebrows frame the face and it’s essential to get it right. Preah is the person you need for the job to give you the fluffy brows of your dreams. For a first timer of tattoos (don’t have anything else but my brows!), I was nervous. But when she opened her doors, I was instantly at peace. Preah is approachable, chilled and friendly. She’s understanding and listens to her clients and works together with them to create brows that suit their personal style. I love that she understood exactly what I was looking for – natural, fluffy yet low maintenance brows that utilised my natural shape. I am beyond thrilled with them! I can roll out of bed, whack on some brow gel and I swear I am looking as good as Cara Delevingne. My husband who was sceptical and worried I’d come home with 2 sets of eyebrows, thought they look amazing! Now that’s saying something! Thanks Preah for making it look like I was born with it!” 

– Oriana Ding. 

“I just want to shout from the rooftops how incredible Preah is and how amazing her talent for creating the perfect brows is too! Her studio is a beautiful, clean, stylish environment that keeps you 100% relaxed throughout the treatment. Preah herself is an absolute doll. So easy to chat to, so funny and so talented at what she does. She literally creates two hairy, fluffy works of art on your face. She was so thorough and made sure that every stroke, every hair was perfect before I left – something I really appreciated because brows are a defining feature on your face! She was so super professional the whole time and made sure I was comfortable at every step of the way. I can’t even express how happy I am with my new brows! The whole experience – including the end result – far exceeded any expectations I had of the treatment. I recommend 200%!” 

– Kasey Roberts. 

“I loved visiting Preah and her beautiful clinic. Everything is designed to make you feel comfortable; from her gorgeous clinical room to her professional attitude. She listens to your aesthetic ideas and without any rushing, transforms you into a person with brows! Life is never the same again. I wanted a natural look and she constantly checked with me throughout the process. It was so much easier than I expected. And pain-free! I actually dozed off it was that relaxing. Thank you Preah!!!” 

– Lisa Milliner. 

“Preah’s work is a absolutely Flawless. She is so kind and patient to you when explaining what look you are going for then she delivers above and beyond. She is so particular and passionate about her work and it shows. She will make you feel so comfortable and relaxed during the treatment and is always making sure you are comfortable with what is going on. I could not recommend her any more highly. Do not hesitate to contact her for an appointment. She is Amazing and you will not be disappointed.” 

– Bridget Hill. 

“I had been thinking about getting my brows done for a while and had a friend visit Preah. I was quite nervous booking in as I don’t have any tattoos and the idea of having my first done on my face was quite daunting. Preah was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and was very reassuring with every question I had. She’s a master of her craft and offers an amazing service. She’s so relaxing in fact, I even fell asleep at my touch up appointment. The healing process is a breeze if you follow the aftercare instructions. Everyone has commented how good they look! Would highly recommend if you’re thinking of getting any cosmetic tattooing done, that you book in with Preah.” 

– Phoebe Nash.

“I couldn’t recommend Preah strongly enough! I am quite fussy when it comes to my brows, so spent a long time searching for the perfect artist. Preah did not disappoint. I wanted natural looking, fluffy brows and she nailed it. Preah is very patient, precise and is a straight-up pleasure to have working on your face for 2 hours. If you are nervous about microblading or worried about coming out looking like an angry bird, Preah is your gal.” 

– Chloe McAlister.