Hello beautiful people! My name is Lauren. I am a Beauty Therapist turned Registered Nurse. I specialise in collagen stimulating treatments and cosmetic Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. 

I began my career over 10 years ago in the beauty/medical field because I saw the amazing results that can be achieved with cosmetic injectables and collagen stimulating treatments and the confidence it bought to myself when I had the treatments. I wanted to gift the experiences I had to other people, I wanted to help my patients achieve the results I had achieved and assist them in feeling confident & comfortable in their own skin.

My overall aim is to educate my patients to assist them in understanding the way their body functions, enhancing their natural beauty, softening the signs of ageing and assist in improving the way they feel about themselves. I strongly believe that when you feel comfortable in your own skin, there is a difference presence about you, you show up different. I have had many patients express to me that they show up as a better partner, friend and business owner because of the treatments I have performed. 

I have an extensive background in skin science, dermal filler, muscle relaxants and all things skin rejuvenation. I am extremely passionate about treating my patients from a holistic view.  

I strongly believe, to achieve YOUR desired result, because this journey is all about YOU, It is vital to treat from a holistic approach, look at all the factors that are involved in the ageing process and ways that we can support this process. Which is why I am so passionate about offering a wide variety of treatments to suit each patient’s needs.